Our Cleaning Services:

Falch_Graffiti_Entferner_012Graffiti/Chewing Gum Removal

Graffiti removal can be a challenging job and should only be undertaken by specialist companies.

Because of the wide variety of paints used and the different surfaces that get tagged, there isn’t a single solution for all situations so we carry a range of products that will remove all common markings without damaging the surface beneath.

We also offer chewing gum removal services for all kinds of surfaces including tarmac, concrete, brick paving and more.

roof cleaningHigh level Cleaning

At Lissardagh Cleaning Services we have the training and qualifications to undertake all kinds of high level cleaning services including pressure washing, roof cleaning, gutter unblocking, gutter cleaning, fascia & soffit washing and more.

We also have high reach ladder-less equipment which allows us to quickly and effectively clean some surfaces from the ground using high reach pole cleaning systems. Contact Us today to find out what Lissardagh cleaning can do for you!

10312559_739432396095373_6207144570315710071_nBuilders Cleans

Post construction clean-up is a speciality of ours at Lissardagh Cleaning Services. We can clean your entire home from top to bottom, removing builders rubble, dust, grime and cement.

We sanitise all surfaces, professionally clean your new bathrooms and kitchen, wash all the floors and even clean the windows – leaving you free to concentrate on moving in!

Contact Us today to find out what Lissardagh cleaning can do for you!

Scratched-GlassGlass restoration

Scratched glass restoration could save you €1000’s!

Large panes of glass can be extremely expensive to replace – but now we have the technology to repair most scratches in-situ and restore the panes to a flawless sparkle.

Contact Us today to find out what Lissardagh cleaning can do for you!

solarSolar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are a great idea and should save you a lot of money on your energy bills – but did you know that dirty solar panels might loose up to 30% of their efficiency?! our pure water cleaning system gently removes dirt and grime to leave your panels sparkling clean.

Regular cleaning of your solar installation is essential to ensure you get maximum payback from your investment especially if you live in an area where traffic grime or dusty conditions would cause more than normal problems. We recommend cleaning solar panels twice a year – and we’ve been told by many clients that the cost of cleaning is more than recouped by the increased output from the panels!

roof cleaningRoof Cleaning Services

At Lissardagh Cleaning Services we provide specialist roof cleaning services throughout Munster. We offer a variety of cleaning methods, using high pressure cleaning for instant results on really dirty roofs that are made from tough fibre cement tiles – but we also use the amazing AlgoClear system for more delicate roof surfaces.

AlgoClear takes a few weeks to work – but the results are amazing and its suitable for almost any type of roof surface, and can even be used to clean other delicate exterior surfaces like pebble dash or coloured render walls. Contact Us today to find out what Lissardagh cleaning can do for you!

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