10270576_701801453191801_746393510135765811_nAlgoclear treatments!

In our damp climate moss, algae and lichen thrive on many hard to clean exterior surfaces such as walls and roofs – these areas are not just hard to reach, but they’re often easily damaged and unsuitable for cleaning with a pressure washer.

We have the solution! Algoclear is a rapid acting and long lasting algae killer which is safe to use on all common exterior surfaces. Its fast acting solution is simply sprayed onto the affected areas using our high reach poles, and left to do its work. 2-3 weeks later any heavy growths of moss will have died and can be manually removed with a brush or scraper and a second treatment is applied to complete the process.

Algoclear is perfect for roof tiles, pebble dash walls, monocouche render surfaces and much more. Contact Us today to see what we can do for you!

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